Genealogical publications

I regret to say this - all I've written on genealogy is in Dutch. Even worse, there are no electronic files available since I wrote it all with a typewriter (that's the thing people used when they did away with clay tablets but hadn't invented the computer yet). I only learned to work with a word processor in 1990, and by then I did not feel any inclination to convert files on 10,000 people into bits and bytes.

The following texts are (as far as I know) available in the libraries of the Dutch Centraal Bureau voor Genealogie (CBG, see below) in The Hague and of the State Archives in Arnhem; there is often also a copy in the Personenstandarchiv Nordrheinland-Westfalen in Brühl, Germany and the City Archives of Arnhem.

(The PDF files are scans of the original typescripts, with apologies for the poor quality of some pages.)

In addition, I sent copies of two dossiers to the CBG in 1999, containing virtually everything I collected - just in case my house burns down:

Taets van der Maern coverOther publications are, with one exception, of an even more informal nature: they're little more than notes on families that I am trying to reconstruct, available on this site in PDF format (see Reconstructions). The one exception to the rule is a book in which I wrote a few sections:

  • Van Ma(a)ren Genootschap (Paul van Maaren in co-operation with Peter Ernst and Marcel Wissenburg), Genealogie van het Utrechtse geslacht Taets van der Maern, Heerhugowaard: External link Gigaboek, 2003, ISBN 90-75311-57-5

The Dutch External link Centraal Bureau voor Genealogie maintains a website about genealogy that also includes lots of links to English genealogy pages.